Summer Cruises

Borrowing from Nelly, vacations say, “It‘s summer time and I‘m back again”.
That‘s right! Summer is coming and you must be ready with your vacation plans. And the best can be a summer cruise that takes you away from cities ruled by scorching sun.
Why summer cruise?
You can have any reason for summer vacation. A break from busy schedule in office, rekindling romance, quality time with family, or even enjoying the company of grandchildren. There is no age for happiness and no age for vacation. You should always live life to the fullest.
This is the reason for Summer Cruise. Of course you take a plane to your destination and enjoy after reaching. But with a cruise, you will enjoy while you are on your way to the destination.
What can I do on a summer cruise?
That depends on what cruise you are going on and what package you have opted for. For example, some cruise schemes are only for families, some are for couples and some are for single people.
In a pool, you can enjoy the sun, singing “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow, enjoy luxurious dining hall serving delicious cuisines, hot tub while you see the stars at night, play and win at casino.
What are the favorable destinations for summer cruises?
A favorable destination is Bahamas and on the following cruise to Bahamas, you can enjoy all the things just mentioned as you sail on Norwegian Sky on the sea, feeling as if you touched the sky
Apart from Bahamas, there are various other destinations like Mexico and Caribbean. Summer is the time when most cruise services offer various attractive deals for these destinations. Come to Mexico to enjoy, food, art, culture and music.

Like Bahamas, Caribbean also offers you a chance to escape scorching sun and enjoy your vacation under pleasant climate and surrounded by nature. Decent summertime rates attract plenty of multigenerational families. Kids are delighted by the powdery sands and the chance to play in the water. Also, many cruise lines work hard to keep youngsters happy and occupied, allowing parents and grandparents to enjoy some grown-up time.

If you want exotic Europe, with its marvelous architecture and various tourist attractions, we have something for that as well. You can enjoy beauty and climate of destinations like Barcelona, Rome, Venice and Athens. Northern Europe cruises explore the Baltic, visiting cities in Scandinavia as well as St. Petersburg, Russia; the British Isles; or the stunningly beautiful coast of Norway.

Other favorable destinations for summer are Alaska, Bermuda and New England.
The cruising season in Alaska is from May to September. Visitors can view calving glaciers and pristine wilderness areas. The native Alaskan culture is huge tourist attraction. While going for sightseeing, you can indulge in activities like salmon fishing, dog-sledding and wildlife watching that can include sightings of eagles, whales and even bears. Some areas have chilly winds, though the temperature can hit 90 degrees in Juneau. Thus, you should not forget to carry a jacket.
If you are fascinated with British stuff, this is the place you need to go. Bermuda is easily accessible from East Coast cities such as New York, Boston and Baltimore. From your cruise ship, you will have easy access to pink-sand beaches, colonial sights and shops selling British goods.
New England/Canada:
The main attractions of New England are Lobsters, colonial history, coastline and whale sightings. Board the cruise from Boston or New York. The delights that would greet you are scenic Maine; the historical attractions of Halifax, Nova Scotia; and the wonders of the Bay of Fundy in St. John, New Brunswick. Some cruises also stop in Newport, R.I., with its over-the-top Gilded Age mansions.
So with so many attractions, which cruise are you choosing for your summer vacation? Post your comments.

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