Taking the road more or less traveled

So how does a vacation happen? You’re tired, fed up of the same old routine, need a change, and so decide its time for a good ol’ vacation. Right? Right, but this is not exactly what I asked. My question is more in the lines of “How do you plan for a vacation?”, rather than “Why do you need a… Read more →

No Visa required for Cruise to Mexico from United States

If you are not a Citizen or permanent resident of United States, one should always check with their nearest consulate since the requirement keep changing. Recently it was learnt the travel to Mexico by sea does not require a Visa. This was confirmed by an email from Mixico consulate in Seattle as below. “If you travel by sea, don’t need… Read more →

Cruise Vacation

Vacation is always required to have a happy mind and do something different from usual work days. Cruise vacation even though sounds expensive as it has a royal touch, has been discovered to be least expensive and value for money spent. It helps us cover more ground with international travel, sleep and enjoy while you reach your next destination. Free… Read more →