What To Pack When Going On Cruise

Are you planning to go on a cruise? You must have booked the cabin and ship in advance. However, if you are planning the things and necessary items that you need to carry while going on a cruise, our suggestions would be helpful to you. You may also be planning to save space in the bags in case you shop… Read more →

First time Cruisers

First Time Cruisers Going on a cruise for the first time is an exciting experience. Taking a cruise is just as wonderful as you’ve heard about from the stories told by friends and family members returning from a cruise, and even more adventurous. If you’re thinking about going on a cruise, you’ll be happy to know that there are many… Read more →

Entertainment on Cruise

When you go on a cruise, your purpose is to enjoy life and have fun. Therefore, to ensure that people who book cruise get proper return for their money, cruise lines organize entertainment oriented programs on cruise ships. Entertainment on cruise since ancient times: The concept of entertainment cruise is not new. In ancient times, when the king would travel… Read more →

Themed Cruises

Generally, people go on cruises for vacation. However, cruises are of different types. For example, some cruises are one-way cruises. Some are Transpositioning cruises. Some are called Repositioning cruises. Similarly, there are Themed Cruises as well. What is a Themed Cruise? Themed cruises are cruise expeditions that are dedicated to different themes. In the present context, the theme means an… Read more →

Hawaii Cruises

Hawaii, also known as ‘Big Island’ has a chain of volcanic island. It is the only state in USA that is made up of islands. Obviously, it has natural beauty and diverse natural scenery. This certainly makes it a favorable cruise destination. Hawaii is full of beaches and a happy life of dance and music. Cruising to Hawaii is always… Read more →

Cruise To Europe

Not just rich history, Europe also has a rich culture. It has diverse cultures in all countries. One can explore several thousands of years of history and enjoy the view of several locations that have scenic beauty. No matter how much time you have, there always be something to go back and see. It is the destination where you can… Read more →

Cruise to Galapagos

Today, Galapagos Islands are known as the birth-place of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. Charles Darwin had conducted his studies to support his theory. However, today if you plan a cruise to Galapagos, you will see that there are many other beautiful destinations for which Galapagos should be known. Some locations are so exotic that you would feel as if… Read more →

Excitement of Transpositioning Cruise

You must have heard about birds flying long distances during summers to find a suitable climate. You may have also heard about animals like polar bears eat a lot in good climates and go on hibernation stage during winters. Have you ever heard of same behavior by ships? Surprised! It’s quite common for cruises too and it’s called as Transpositioning…. Read more →

Cruise Alert for i-Pad is Available Now

After the launch of Windows App for cruise search, we are glad to launch iOS app successively. Now iOS users can also benefit from this app and easily find their favorite and most suitable deal according to their budget. You heard it right! The iOS version of your favorite cruise is now available at Apple‘s app store. It is just… Read more →

Cruise Alert – Windows 8 App for Cruise Search

Cruise bookings made easy!! A new ‘Cruise alert’ windows app from Worldwinger will help you to find the cruises you desire for your dream journey. How does it Work? Create an alert with information like, the price range, preferred cruise date, and destination; the app will find best cruise deals for you. Not only that, the moment a new cruise… Read more →