Luxury Cruises to Exotic Destinations

Some people love to travel. They enjoy exploring the different parts of the world. Their explorer nature encourages them to go on luxury cruises.
What are luxury cruises?
The locations that are closer to nature and have an abundance of natural beauty comprising of trees, flowers, plants and rivers are called exotic location. Cruises to such locations are called luxury cruises.
Some people love exotic locations as these locations have fascinating things like nature or some spiritual connection that makes people wonder that such cruises may help them understand the nature or help them find their inner strength.
For some people, luxury cruises are a reason to feel happy with fantasies that they may encounter wild animals or super-natural forces on exotic locations. Some people wonder what secrets are hidden in the exotic locations.
What is the duration of luxury cruises?
Often luxury cruises are longer than seven days as travel time can be longer, depending on your departure or return port of call. So you have plenty of time to explore exotic locations.
What are best exotic locations and some luxury cruises?
There are many luxury cruises available and there no dearth of exotic destinations. In the first part of this two-part series, we will explore the exotic destinations of Tahiti, Russia, South America, China and Egypt.
Tahiti cruises:
Boarding a Tahiti cruise, you will visit the multiple islands of French Polynesia like Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, and the less developed Huahine.
Depending on route, cruises to Tahiti can also include the Cook Islands and Marquesas Islands. Currently Princess Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Silver Sea Cruises offer voyages to Tahiti.
South America cruises:
Usually, South America cruises sail from Ft. Lauderdale. Sometimes, you can experience a one-way trip between cities like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, or Valparaiso/Santiago.
A South America cruise tends to be longer, with the typical duration being two weeks. A cruise to South America guarantees the sight of a lot of mountains and lagoons.
Russia cruises:
In Russia, you can see nature, marvelous architecture and the art and culture as well. Russia has rich cultural heritage that makes it exotic.
The Golden Ring is a couple of the most important cities in Russia. These areas lay along the Volga River which is the largest in all of Europe. You can experience exotic Russian Waterways cruises where you will visit important capital cities and cultural centers like Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cities of Yaroslavl and Kostroma on the “Golden Ring”, the quaint villages and magnificent scenery along the major Volga waterway. You can also see fabulous tourist attractions like Kotorosl River and St. Euthymius Monastry.
Board the cruise and you can also discover the inner Russia which is easily accessible by water. You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Depending on the routes and the ships you choose, you may also see many World Heritage sites along the way.
China Cruises:
As far as an exotic location is concerned, China needs no introduction as it is the home of ancient Hawang Ho Civilization.
On the sun deck you can watch the beauty of the passing scenery from the comfort of the reclining chair.
China relishes its eventful history, traditions, and customs. Other attractions of China are a Panda zoo, Jade Temple, Tiananmen Square and more.
Egypt Cruises:
Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful sea as you explore the home Neil River Civilizations. You will enjoy a cruise to Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Mummies. The blessings of Ra God are shining upon you.
Depending on the route of your cruise, you can experience the ancient cities of Cairo and Alexandria. Egypt has treasures that are thousands of years old at the Egyptian National Museum.
If you love to shop, there are mazes of the shopping bazaars in Egypt. Visit the ancient Pyramids of Giza as well as the old Memphis Egypt which was founded in 3000 B.C.
the ancient Egyptian culture has a lot to offer to those who want exotic vacation and exotic adventure.
Hope you are enjoying these exotic destinations and planning your cruise to one of these destinations. If you want some more exotic destinations, wait for the next phase of the journey of this article that would explore Western Caribbean and Central America.

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