Luxury Cruises – Lavish Experience Awaits You

When the cruise industry originated years ago, at that time, going on a cruise itself was a luxury. Later, some cruises became more exclusive and of more high standard. People going on cruise started understanding that luxury of cruises and luxury cruises were two different things.
What is the difference between luxury of cruises and luxury cruises?
On Titanic, certain privileges were only for aristocratic people. Even in the movie Titanic, one can see the class differences while noticing the luxuries that Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) was entitled to, being a first-class passenger and limited access that Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) was entitled to, being a third-class passenger.
For people like Jack, going on a cruise itself was a luxury. But the real luxury that a cruise has to offer could only be witnessed and experienced by aristocratic people like Rose.
Today, anybody can go on a cruise and that is why cruise industry thrives in North America. However, the real luxury cruises can only be witnessed by true lovers of luxuries.
What are the benefits of luxury cruises?
Apart from status symbol, luxury cruises has many benefits. Luxury cruises have better security arrangements. High quality foods, variety of entertainment onboard are all benefits.
Are luxury cruises expensive because of security arrangements?
The prices of luxury cruises are not about charging passengers more. They are about making it possible for cruise services serve passengers better.
A significant theoretical benefit of small cruise ships involves health and safety issues. In an age of pandemics, nobody would want to choose a ship with thousands of passengers when many smaller ships are available.
Mary Jean Tully, chairman and CEO of The Cruise Professionals, a travel agency that specializes in top-of-the-line cruises says:
“People throw around the word ‘luxury’ too much. True luxury is no crowds, not searching for an available deck chair, not standing in a buffet line. Luxury is about service and attention to detail, in addition to accommodations and food.”
Pandemics begin with an index case and spread rapidly in areas of high population density. Hence, it seems logical that an index case is more likely to appear, and the spread to be more rapid, on a mega-ship with thousands of passengers.
Few cruise ships, large or small, put enough emphasis on passenger hygiene, including passenger hand-wash options and gel dispensers near all dining and beverage areas. This happens more at self-service buffets. You might want to take along your own disinfectant towelettes for use on the ship and on shore.
In addition, if there is a fire or other disaster requiring passenger evacuation or re-routing, it seems logical that this is much more easily done on a small ship. Big ships do care about passenger safety but beyond a certain point the huge number of passengers and crew on some ships makes the logistics of responding to disasters exponentially more difficult.
The fare paid by passengers is used to make all arrangements, adequately.
In the next part of this series, we will start discuss different types of cruises.

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