Journey to Exotic Destinations Continues…

In our last journey, we introduced you to luxury cruise destinations Tahiti, South America, Russia, China and Egypt. Now as promised, here we are to take you on a virtual trip to Egypt, West Caribbean and Central America so that you choose your favorite exotic destination among 7 options. So fasten your seat belts as our first destination is Western… Read more →

Luxury Cruises to Exotic Destinations

Some people love to travel. They enjoy exploring the different parts of the world. Their explorer nature encourages them to go on luxury cruises. What are luxury cruises? The locations that are closer to nature and have an abundance of natural beauty comprising of trees, flowers, plants and rivers are called exotic location. Cruises to such locations are called luxury… Read more →

Majestic Breakaway With A Diamond

Greetings friends! If you thought that luxury cruises from Carnival, Seabourn and Crystal were the only choices available, hold your breath and go through the final part of this series and see the luxury cruises offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Princess Cruises, in case you have not been able to choose from Carnival, Seabourn and Crystal…. Read more →

Luxurious Shine Of Crystal While Sea Sojourn

In the first part of this series, we started discussing the concept of luxury cruises and discussed how this concept has evolved over the years. Now will discuss the different luxury cruises offered by different cruise lines. What are different types of luxury cruises? Cruise lines of different luxury cruises and have ships meant only for luxury cruises. We will… Read more →

Luxury Cruises – Lavish Experience Awaits You

When the cruise industry originated years ago, at that time, going on a cruise itself was a luxury. Later, some cruises became more exclusive and of more high standard. People going on cruise started understanding that luxury of cruises and luxury cruises were two different things. What is the difference between luxury of cruises and luxury cruises? On Titanic, certain… Read more →

CruiseAlert Now On Android!

In order to make cruise booking easier for you, we introduced CruiseAlert last year that would bring the schedule and rates of cruises to your devices (and your fingertips). So far CruiseAlert was available on Windows 8 and iOS. Now we glad to announce that Android users can also enjoy the benefits of our CruiseAlert. You heard it right! CruiseAlert… Read more →

Kitchen & Dining On Cruise Part 2

Modern day cruise services have a lot to offer. Different types of restaurants and different types of food items offer something for everyone. So let use have a look at some more stylish systems of dining on cruises. Dining on Carnival Cruises: Following are the restaurants of Carnival Cruises where carnival of joys never ends. (i) The Taste bar: Come… Read more →

Kitchen & Dining On Cruise – Part 1

The reasons to go on cruise can vary. Vacation, need to get away from the tension of office, quality time with family and of course, variety of food. Reasons can be many but right now, we are talking about the variety of food that attracts and encourages foodies to go on cruises. Evolution of dining style on cruise: Years ago,… Read more →

Summer Cruises

Borrowing from Nelly, vacations say, “It‘s summer time and I‘m back again”. That‘s right! Summer is coming and you must be ready with your vacation plans. And the best can be a summer cruise that takes you away from cities ruled by scorching sun. Why summer cruise? You can have any reason for summer vacation. A break from busy schedule… Read more →